So guys, I’m starring in this new film called “Sun & Moon.”

Basically, it’s about this guy who finds the girl of his dreams, at a rave, but makes the rookie mistake of not getting any of her information. He doesn’t even know her name. At the next rave he goes to he sees her again, but still forgets to get any contact info. He then realizes and hopes that she’ll be at every event he goes to. He waits for the electric sky to bring her back.

Original Photo Credit: @sarahcaastic
Shoutout to my good friend @sarahcaastic for this awesome shot of me in (almost) all of my kandi!

I had so much fun doing this shoot, and I’m glad we finished before the storm! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! 😊

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.
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Went to Beyond Wonderland. Where were you?

At the front for @Kaskade!!!! :D

No one should go through what I am right now…

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

"Miranda Kerr"
Model(s): @MirandaKerr
"Scarlett Johansson"
Model(s): @scarlettingridjohansson

Fuuu… one song brought back all the feelings I ever gave away last year…

C.V. T.D. L.P. N.C. S.T. D.P. B.C. J.R. J.S. K.C. H.B.

What if I say please?


Here’s a quick mix of my best dance mash-ups!


It’s not my fault people want and like to have sex with me…

Flashback to White Wonderlands AfterMag EDC contest!

15 Second Mashups by @djb0y3000!

"Judas vs. Batdance vs. The Funk Phenomena"

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